Duties of a User

With Regulations 6 and 17 in mind the User shall ensure …

  • pressure equipment imported or locally manufactured for Industrial natural gas or LPG installations has a valid SGES permit
  • the gas system has a valid Certificate of Conformity (CoC) issued by a gas practitioner registered with SAQCC Gas
  • that importing own equipment the User will be deemed an importer and will need to adhere to the duties of an importer as per Regulation 5 of the PER and apply for equipment permits.

User Responsibility

  • Keep all records for the operating life of the equipment.
  • Such records shall typically cover repairs, modifications, maintenance, commissioning and inspection test records. Also but not limited to, design calculations, approved manufacturing drawings, approved fabrication records, pressure test, gas certificate of conformity’s.  
  • Users shall ensure where used pressure equipment is sold, that all user held records are transferred to the new owner as applicable.

Pre & Post 2019 explained

Guidance notes to the Regulation 17 (j) and (k) addresses actions to be noted:

(j) If an existing installation commissioned before July 2009, is not designed and constructed to the requirements of SANS 329 as published at that time, the user shall determine that the equipment is designed, maintained, inspected, tested, and operating in a safe manner. Safe operation and maintenance shall be ensured by procedures, documented and enforced, to address all deviations to the requirements of SANS 329.

(k) Any modifications done on such a system as above in note (j) shall comply with the requirements of SANS 329 as published at the time of the modifications and where equipment is replaced on a system constructed before July 2009, such equipment shall be issued with a permit by an organisation approved by the chief inspector as referenced in Regulation 5 (3) and a COC issued within the scope of work performed.