Additional Information

Imported equipment shall be supported by technical information such as declaration, of conformity, test reports, and test type and type examination certificates. This indicates to what standard the equipment was tested by a Notified Body. SAGA will on an ongoing basis adopt relevant international standards to which the equipment needs to conform. Should the information on the declaration of conformity, test type and type examination certificates and test reports (to name a few) not meet the minimum requirements the equipment will have to be either retested by an accredited test house internationally or be rejected by the SGES as being not fit for purpose or use in this country.

The ultimate aim of the SGES is to prevent the supply and installation of sub-standard equipment to users and that all equipment meets the prescribed conformance criteria as per the OHS Act, PER and required OHS standards

As per the PER new and modified installations will require that a gas practitioner will need to indicate and certify on the SAGA Certificate of Conformity (COC) that the equipment installed has been verified by the SGES Committee via its Equipment Verification Scheme and is fit for purpose and intended use (permit number recorded on the CoC and or certificate attached to the CoC).

NB! – Read Technical Bulletin 2 of 2013 associated with the scheme, click here

As per the SGES mentioned above all equipment manufacturers, importers and suppliers need to register their respective equipment prior to selling and or placing the equipment in the market.

Participation in the scheme

Read these documents or download them to fully understand the process to successfully participate in the scheme:

  1. Mandate from Department of Labour
  2. Memo of Understanding between SAGA and LPGSASA
  3. Rules Governing the scheme
  4. Equipment categories for registration
  5. Process Flow
  6. Application form (.pdf)