We strive to meet the needs of the industry role players and the general public by promoting and instilling a climate conducive to safety. The core focus is on awareness, sharing of knowledge and compliance in support of a safe and efficient environment. Covering areas of expertise and applications as to piped gas upstream of and inclusive downstream Industrial Thermoprocessing, CNG, LNG, Biogas and NGV’s within the respective supply value chains. Strategy Our goals are to: Promote a climate conducive to safety and free of incidents Develop industry skills, competency and ensure knowledge sharing amongst members Promote and maintain a high degree of technical expertise in personnel knowledge and equipment safety Provide national occupational qualifications and establish an accredited training facility Provide gas practitioners Establish a safe gas equipment verification scheme Values Creating a safe environment We promote a safe and incident free environment in compliance with world standards. These standards are committed to good practice in matters of health, safety, environmental responsibility and the overall betterment of the community. This implies: Safety of people, products and equipment as first priority We enforce standards in equipment manufacturing We will ensure the same competency and safety performance from contractors as we do from members We promote the safe use of products and equipment to all stakeholders Integrity Integrity plays a major role in our operations, with a key focus on: Transparency and fairness to all Sound governance within the association We remain independent and unbiased towards all stakeholder Win-Win Relationships Having relationships which focus on the creation of value for all parties. This implies Establishing sustainable partnerships with all stakeholders Continuous improvement We build sustainable partnerships with all stakeholders through individual and /or collective improvement of the performance of people, products, and equipment. We adhere to the following ethos: We strive to ensure best safety practice when working with people We promote policy and processes that create value We push for compliance, that is the best in its class SAGA 2018 I Hot Mustard Advertising. A SiteOrigin Theme

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